RUBICER is a Portuguese company that dedicates itself to the production and commercialization, through its four trademarks: RUBICERAMIC, RUBILINE, RUBISTONE and RUBIDECK.

In RUBICERAMIC we can find several rectified ceramic articles, various types of mosaic and glass, which follow the more actual trends from the market. RUBILINE is a range dedicated to the massage and sanitary articles. Yet RUBIDECK is a brand that produces deck that is a set of wood with PVC. In RUBISTONE you can find a variety of natural stones for coverings that allow creating rustic environments of an exceptional beauty.

RUBICER distinguishes itself for offering products with higher patterns of quality, to very competitive prices, and with an exceptional quality of the after-sales service level.

If to all of this we ally an appellative design that complements itself in the perfection with the most “fashion’s” and “trendy’s” tendencies from the market, we can consider that these three vectors (quality – price – design) are being the basis of the company success.

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